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Using Grunt? Consider Fez

Using Grunt? Consider Fez

By Isaac Wagner In the world of JavaScript tooling, Grunt is king. Grunt is a task runner, meaning that a build is defined as a series of tasks which run one after another. Tasks may include file concatenation, application deployment, source linting, etc. Grunt isn’t unique as a task runner – you may have heard […]


CSS for Beginners with Dreamweaver

By Brian Rinaldi Dreamweaver has had a long history. I recall using it heavily back in the UltraDev days, for those of you that remember that. While the tool has evolved quite a lot over the years, it remains a powerful web development IDE. Sure, everyone seems to love a lightweight code editor nowadays for […]


Managing Bower Components with Grunt

By Simon Smith Iit took me a while to get on board with using Bower as part of my main development workflow. My biggest gripe was the way it handled repositories that were missing a bower.json file to configure ignored files, etc. In that scenario the whole repository is installed into the bower_components folder and […]


Tools for the Busy Web Developer

By Elizabeth Phillips Time is by far the most valuable asset for every serious web developer. Thankfully, there are a wealth of tools available for streamlining the development process, whether you’re building a simple landing page or a complex web application. In this article, I will share few tools that have helped me save time […]


Playing with CSS Regions in Edge Reflow

By Joan Lafferty Kids spend most of their awake hours just playing. This helps them to understand the world and figure out how things work. In fact, the picture above is of my son playing with paint and learning about colors. With Edge Reflow’s latest public release, we are giving you the opportunity to play, learn, […]


Easy API Scaffolding with Simple-API and Node.js

By Joseph Wegner API’s are often a pain to build. There’s all kinds of moving pieces: routing, data parsing, serialization, database interactions, etc. For years I’ve struggled with writing web API’s in Node.js – there’s just so much complexity required in an API boilerplate. That’s why I wrote Simple API. Simple API is an incredibly easy […]


Getting a Head Start with Front End Generators

By Jonathan Fielding In this post we will talk about the different generators we can use to get started on our projects. There are many different generators/scaffolders available, and we will cover a few of the most popular and look at how we can use them in our projects. Initializr ( Initializr was one of the […]


Changing History with Git

by Peter Bell One of the great things about git is that you can change your version control history. Messed up a commit message or forgot to commit a file? Amend your commit. Made three commits where one would do? Reset the commits and create one new one with all of the changes. However it […]