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Code Protection and Packaging for Node.js Projects with JXCore

Code Protection and Packaging for Node.js Projects with JXCore

By Krzysztof Trzeciak “How can I protect my JavaScript code?” This question has probably been asked millions of times and the answer is always the same. You can use obfuscation, but it will, in reality, not protect your source code. That’s why it is always recommended that you shift critical code to the server side. […]


MEAN Stack – A Quick Start Guide

By Mathew Carella The MEAN stack has been getting a lot of publicity lately. In case you haven’t heard about it yet, MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express, Node.js and AngularJS. This article is intended to serve as a quick guide to help you get started developing with the MEAN stack. We won’t go into great […]


The Basics of Express Routes

By Dhananjay Kumar Recently I started learning how to build web applications using Node.js and the popular Express framework. In doing so, I realized that one of the most vital concepts in Express is routes. In this article I will share the basics of understanding routes in Express. If you are just starting with Express […]


Introduction to npm

By Toby Ho npm is the granddaddy of JavaScript package managers. It is the beloved package manager for Node. It hosts over 64 thousand modules and counting. Based on data at – npm is by far the fastest growing package manager, that’s is compared to Ruby Gems, CPAN, PyPI, Maven plus a few others. […]


JXcore – A Node.JS Distribution with Multi-threading

By Krzysztof Trzeciak JXcore is a fork on Node.JS 0.12 which is 100% compatible with Node.JS v0.12 and also with all the projects and modules around it. JXcore multithreading shouldn’t be confused with multiple threads running on top of the same JavaScript code. JXcore multithreading does not bring in any thread safety problem to your existing […]


Using Grunt? Consider Fez

By Isaac Wagner In the world of JavaScript tooling, Grunt is king. Grunt is a task runner, meaning that a build is defined as a series of tasks which run one after another. Tasks may include file concatenation, application deployment, source linting, etc. Grunt isn’t unique as a task runner – you may have heard […]


Introduction to the Component JavaScript Package Manager

By Toby Ho Component is a front-end JavaScript package manager developed by the prolific Tj Holowaychuk. It embodies the philosophy of small modules and is designed to manage assets as well as JavaScript. Currently, there exist over 1600 “components”. Although there are more popular JS package managers than Component, I chose to cover it because […]


Managing Bower Components with Grunt

By Simon Smith Iit took me a while to get on board with using Bower as part of my main development workflow. My biggest gripe was the way it handled repositories that were missing a bower.json file to configure ignored files, etc. In that scenario the whole repository is installed into the bower_components folder and […]


BDD in JavaScript with CucumberJS

By Todd Anderson I have previously written about test driven development (TDD) in JavaScript, most notably using the behavior driven development (BDD) style library Jasmine in a series on building a Test-Driven Grocery List Application. In that posts series I went through thinking of User Stories for Features and Scenarios as actual development tasks, and […]