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Improving Browser Detection

Improving Browser Detection

By Ryan Morr Despite the progress client-side scripting has made over the last decade or so, it seems that some bad practices are poised to never die. With the medium transitioning into a more mobile-centric world in recent years, an influx in bugs has many developers turning back to browser detection for a solution. History […]


String Templating Considered Harmful

By Rich Harris If you’re been programming for any length of time, you’ve probably read your fair share of ‘Considered Harmful‘ essays, and thus already know that what follows the headline is usually a stream of biased remarks and cherry-picked evidence. I can’t promise this will be any different. But the concepts we’re going to […]


A DOM Manipulation Class in 100 Lines of JavaScript

By Krasimir Tsonev If you build web applications you probably deal with the DOM a lot. Accessing and manipulating DOM elements is a common requiement of nearly every web application. Very often we collect information from different controls, we need to set values, change the content of div or span tags. Of course there are […]


Learning SVG

By Joseph Wegner In my book, SVG is classified as a mythical unicorn super technology. SVG shares this category with other technologies like RegExp, vim, and OpenGL. The common traits between each of these technologies is that they are incredibly useful when used correctly, but incredibly difficult to use correctly. All three pack some serious […]


Enhancing the HTML abbr Element on Mobile

By Aurelio De Rosa Today’s world move fast – really fast. When writing, a lot of people use abbreviations and acronyms to save time. We can find these used all over the web. They are so frequently used that an HTML tag, <abbr>, was created to identify them and help improve the semantic markup of […]


Moving to Static and Keeping Your Toys

By Raymond Camden Static web sites, and the tools to create them, are all the rage these days. And if there’s one thing that I’ve learned after a decade in the web business is that anything that is popular must be a good and practical thing that is worth your time. Ok, kidding aside, there […]


Creating an Animated Hero Image with Canvas

By Dave DeHaan When we were looking at laying out, we decided we wanted to add the feel of our graphs to the top of the page. The suggestion came up that it would be cool if our graph actually “cut off” our hero image, so that any part of our hero image under the […]


Building a Blog with Jekyll

By Donovan Hutchinson There are many services that provide you with a blog. However, they get to store and make use of your content. For those of us that prefer to run our own sites and keep the content under our own control, setting up our own is a better option. In this article I’ll […]