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Topic Undefined – Episode 7

Download file | Duration: 00:35:37 | Size: 48.93MAfter a long hiatus, Brian Rinaldi and Raymond Camden return and start the year off discussing hot topics from the prior year. Discussion includes AngularJS, Node.js, static web sites, subscription software and, of course, TLC (aka The Learning Channel).

Topic Undefined – Episode 6

Download file | Duration: 36:41 | Size: 341This week Raymond Camden and Brian Rinaldi debate whose fault the episode recording delays are, issues with the latest Backbone update, what’s wrong with iOS7 and Mario copyright infringement. Plus, Ray hints at an upcoming surprise. How to create great web forms Consistency Problems With APIs In JavaScript […]

Topic Undefined – Episode 5

Download file | Duration: 30:46 | Size: 42.27MIn this episode Ray Camden reveals his desire for self-destructing CAPTCHA and Brian Rinaldi admits he’s ignorant about Photoshop. Here are the links discussed in the episode: Starting CSS JS Best Practices Script Your First Adobe Generator Plugin For Photoshop ToDoMVC in ES6 Node.js vs. PHP What’s Your […]

Topic Undefined – Episode 4

Download file | Duration: 28:17 | Size: 38.87MThis is Episode 4 – aka The Episode of Doom…or maybe near doom as we eventually overcame our technical issues and were able to record and release. In this episode, Ray and Brian debate the value of fourth episodes and Ray reveals his favorite blog post of the […]

Topic Undefined – Episode 3

Download file | Duration: 33:35 | Size: 46.13MIn the third installment of Topic: Undefined, Raymond Camden and Brian Rinaldi disagree – more than once. Below are the links referenced in this episode. Google Glass Browser: HTML5 and Responsive Web Design in your head What’s the Status of the ::selection Pseudo-element? Hot in web standards: May/June […]

Topic Undefined – Episode 2

Download file | Duration: 32:12 | Size: 44.25M  In this week’s edition of the Topic Undefined podcast, our hosts, Ray Camden and Brian Rinaldi, discuss the following important recent links: DZone Refcard for Mobile Dev by Max Firtman Which JavaScript Library Should I Pick? by Pamela Fox Speeding Things up with SessionStorage by Simon Smith […]

Topic Undefined – Episode 1

Download file | Duration: 28:18 | Size: 38.87M  This is the first episode of a new podcast call Topic Undefined featuring Brian Rinaldi and Raymond Camden where they they discuss some valuable links and news related to web and mobile development. Here are the links discussed in the current episode: The Extensible Web Manifesto Brendan […]